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Official Store for BERiK ベリック terms of service


Customers who use social media sites and the web site , Bosco Moto Co. Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Company" ) is operated / management (the " site " to suit) (hereafter , simply "Customer" in ) says , have you use the services of this site the following terms and conditions ( below , in accordance with ) the " Terms " . Customers using , because it assumes that had you accept the contents of the Terms of this site , please understand . It should be noted , are subject to change without notice these Terms our company . With regard to the Terms of revised , however, the value shall be displayed on this site without delay , to have you confirm , thank you the latest information . Also, individual provisions , etc. to guide you on a service-by-service basis of individual and shall constitute a part of this Agreement , regardless of the nominal in addition to the Terms and Conditions.
The Company shall it is possible to make changes to the services of this site, add, stop, stop, the abolition without a prior notice to the customer.
Prohibited matter
Customers want from what Upon use of this site, in addition to the act of prohibited by other provisions of this Agreement, are not to be committed an act of following.
Bother other customers, to partners or our company or third party, acts that may or their act, or damaging or disadvantage
Acts that may their act contrary to pubddc order and morals, or act, in violation of laws and regulations
Acts to apply the contents of the false in the case of use of this site
Act of unauthorized use of personal information such as email address, name of other
Doing business using this site, act for the purpose of its preparation or commercial act
Action that could interfere with the provision of services or, to interrupt the operation of this site Other
Privacy Policy
The Company shall on the basis of a separate post your personal information in the "Privacy Policy", is handled appropriately.
Matters that are described in a separate post in the "disclaimer", partners and our company, shall be exempt.
The right of all copyrights related to each corner of this site, trademark rights, portrait rights other, unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that attributable to partners or our company, you shall respect the right of the right holder.
Information, about the images and the like of all that is obtained through the use of this site, without obtaining the permission of the copyright holder the information or our company, such as an image, customers, explicitly by law private use other individuals as provided for in the Copyright Act you can not beyond the range found in, and use of all or part of these, reprint, copy, distribute, alteration, etc..
Recommended Environment
In order to use comfortably this site, we recommend an environment that meets the conditions to post separately from the personal computer can be connected to the Internet in the "system requirements". When I have you used in the environment other than this, you may function required the use of this site can not be used, screen is not normal, a phenomenon such as that does not work occurs.
Linking to this site
Thing other than the authorized use is strictly prohibited.
Governing law
With regard to the interpretation of this Agreement established, efficacy, and performance, it is assumed that the Japanese law is applied


顧客使用社交媒体網站和互連網進入株式会社Bosco Moto (以下簡称“会社”)経営/管理的騎手服的網站( 以下簡称“網站”),進入及使用本網站必須遵守以下条款,凡使用本網站瀏覧的訪客即表示無条件接受以下条款,請理解。需要注意的是,会社可能会在没有通知的情況下随時修改使用条款。関于修改的条款,会即時顕示在本網站上以便于確認,謝謝。最後的信息、此外,個別条款等,以個人服務為基礎的客戸服務,将構成本協議的一部分,不論其条款和条件内容。








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